Mooni DeFi — Staking Dapp — NFT Market Place — 20th April 2021

First of all thanks for all investors and community to help us to grow our project in stable.

We will actice our stake & farming dapp in 10 days with a good APR for our investors.

After that the NFT market place and gamification will complete in a shorter term than planned.

Several marketing projects have been raised during April 2021 and will continue all month including May. You may reach our marketing videos as below.

You may also check our token “Mooni” at also in Blockfolio.

▶️ Youtube — 18,9k followers (
▶️ Youtube — 105k followers (
▶️ Youtube — 122k followers (
▶️ Youtube — 7,6k followers (
▶️ Youtube — 48,4k followers (
▶️ Youtube — 14,6k followers (
▶️ Tiktok — 27,8 followers (

▶️ Youtube — 20k followrs

Our road map design has been revised for your consideration.

Mooni DeFi Roadmap

The Mooni DeFi will flawlessly continue to provide better solutions for our investors and community. We will grow together.

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